Deploy germain JS scripts for standard HTML app


  • Download the JS script from germainAPM → Wizards → Standard HTML

Deploy germain APM JS scripts into HTML Application

  • Copy germain APM JS scripts to Web Server:

    • Find folder on your web server where your all JavaScript files are stored

    • Create new folder under it, name it germain and upload germain APM JavaScript file there

  • Inject script:

    • Script must be injected into all pages that you want to monitor so either find a template which contains head definition and is shared between all pages either you will need to update page by page

    • Inside <head></head> tag inject germain APM JavaScript file. Injection should look like this:

1 <script type="text/javascript" src="ABSOLUTE_OR_RELATIVE_PATH_TO_SERVER/germain/germainapm.js"/>

Important requirements

  • germain APM is supported on the following browsers: Google Chrome 13+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 7+, Opera 15+ & Safari 5.1

  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled to run germain APM in your browser

  • HTTP/HTTPS outbound traffic must be allowed from your browser(s) to the germain APM environment