Deploy germain JS scripts for Siebel OpenUI IP17 and up


  • Download the JS script from germainAPM → Wizards → Siebel OpenUI IP17 and newer

Deploy germain APM JS scripts into Siebel

Copy germain APM JS scripts to Siebel Web Server

  • Find Siebel OpenUI JavaScript folder on your web server. The path to your folder should look similar to ..\sai\applicationcontainer\webapps\siebel\scripts

  • Create new folder under /scripts/ folder, name it germain

  • Upload germain APM UX JavaScript file to germain folder

Update Siebel web templates

  • Open Siebel WebTools

  • Create new Workspace for the upcoming changes

  • Close Workspace and Open Web Template Editor

  • Search for Login template and edit its content


  • Search for Page Container and edit its content


  • Open Workspace

  • Create new Version

  • Submit your changes

  • Deliver your changes

  • Relogin to your Siebel OpenUI

Important requirements

  • germain APM UX monitoring is supported on the following browsers: Google Chrome 13+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 7+, Opera 15+ & Safari 5.1

  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled to run germain APM UX scripts in your browser

  • HTTP/HTTPS outbound traffic must be allowed from your browser(s) to the germain APM Server