Monitoring & Analytics - User Click RCA (Response Time Breakdown)


User Click, Move, Page response time are broken down and includes the following:

  • Network/Server Side/Database time
  • Scripting time
  • Rendering + Painting time
  • Waiting on User input
  • Other time



  • Further Breakdown of "Network/Server Side/Database time" by "Network Time", "Server Time" and "Database Time" can be provided yet it depends on the application(s)
  • But the most critical portion isn't that cosmetic time breakdown...what is critical is obviously the info that is provided on the Detailed Execution Flow, Call Graph, Heap Allocation Graph, (...) portlets as they show the actual piece of code/object that takes time to execute or load. 4 examples below:

Example 1: Call graph for a MarkoJS/NodeJS app (Transaction executed @ browser, network, markojs, nodejs, mysql levels)

Example 2: Call graph for a Java app (Transaction executed @ browser, jvm & db levels)

Example 3: Detail Execution Flow (Transactions executed @ browser>web>app>db levels) for a Siebel CRM App

Example 4: Call graph for a .NET app (Transaction executed @ browser, clr & db levels)

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