WMI execution

Execute WMI command to automate processing on Windows environment. Our new configuration console offers a wizard to help set this up. More details on our Release Note section

Remote Action (WMI)

1. Navigate to Wizards

2. Search for WMI action

3. Click add to create new WMI action


4. Provide a Name for the action

5. Click Next


6. Select the server where the action will be executed

7. Provide Credentials for the remote server


8. Provide the directory where script files are stored.

9. Provide the name of the script you wish to run(For example, sample-script.sh)


You can create/select a script from the dropdown menu

10. Provide arguments for the script


You have the option to run this script on a schedule.

11. Enable this option to set a schedule


You can also have this action be triggered by an SLA

12. Select an SLA from the drop-down list




If you need any assistance, we are here to help: Please contact our https://germainapm.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/germainAPM/pages/9798052/Support .