Deploy germain JS scripts for Vue.js app


  • Download the JS script from germainAPM → Wizards → Vue.js


  1. Left menu > Wizards> Search for VueJS> Add
  2. Provide Application Name and Application Category. Click Next.
    Note: Application name must match the application name that is set in the script
  3. Download the VueJS script from the provided download link.
  4. Deploy germain APM JS scripts into VueJS Application
    1. Copy germain APM JS scripts to Web Server:
      1. Find folder on your web server where your all JavaScripts are stored
      2. Create new folder under it, name it germain and upload germain APM JavaScript file there
    2. Inject scripts:
      1. Scripts must be injected into all pages that you want to monitor so either find a template which contains head definition and is shared between all pages either you will need to update page by page
      2. Inside <head></head> tag inject germain APM Javascript. Injection should look like this:
  5. Follow the wizard to complete the steps


Important requirements

  • germain APM is supported on the following browsers: Google Chrome 13+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 7+, Opera 15+ & Safari 5.1

  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled to run germain APM in your browser

  • HTTP/HTTPS outbound traffic must be allowed from your browser(s) to the germain APM environment